Reports for Beacon Hill-Cyrville, Ottawa (Ward 11)

    Older Unresolved Problems

  1. Missing post allowing traffic in park
  2. Colored graffiti on green electric box
  3. Graffiti on park benches
  4. test
  5. Litter has been dumped
  6. grafitti on electric boxes (2)
  7. grafitti on hydro box and private fence. Spreading
  8. graffiti on light green utility box
  9. More trees removed from Beacon Hill
  10. When will park have trees again?
  11. This graffiti is getting worse
  12. White and red graffiti on electric utility box
  13. Trees marked to be removed with red x's
  14. graffiti on light green utility box
  15. Skate Canada sign in front of their building
  16. Bus shelter glass smashed
  17. graffiti private property
  18. Graffiti on Hydro box
  19. graffiti on utility boxes
  20. Graffiti on boxes
  21. Graffiti on private fence
  22. Graffiti on green electric boxes
  23. Potholes
  24. Illegal Advert - K&K Waterproofing - 1511 Innes
  25. graffiti on green utility box
  26. Pothiles and cracks in Bike Lanes
  27. Graffiti or tagging on school wall
  28. Graffiti on mailbox and 24
  29. Scratches on bus shelter
  30. Graffiti on red mailbox
  31. Graffiti on mail-boxes
  32. Pot Holes
  33. Graffiti on sign
  34. tagging on mailbox
  35. Tagging
  36. Tagging
  37. Tagging on Mailboxes
  38. Litter
  39. Graffiti
  40. Man Hole Recessed
  41. Old Fixed

  42. Graffitti
  43. Fence broken police tape not preventing car traffic
  44. eastvale park arena building
  45. Greenbelt Baptist Church garage is covered
  46. Beacon Hill Community Centre has some graffiti
  47. graffiti images
  48. graffi on community centre
  49. large graffitti on fence
  50. Remains of Spring Clean the Capital Garbage
  51. Graffiti on Green hydro boxes
  52. garbage after fall clean-up
  53. graffiti on cement water stucture
  54. missing street sign
  55. Remains of neighbourhood garbage pick up not collected yet
  56. Graffiti including swearing on school, large, pink
  57. Illegal Advert - - 1511 Innes
  58. racist and hate grafitti
  59. Graffiti on Change shack
  60. Dead animal in white garbage bag
  61. graffiti on telephone box
  62. Graffiti on green hydro box
  63. Graffiti on bus shelter
  64. overflowing garbage can (again)
  65. Graffiti or tagging on school wall
  66. graffiti on grey telephone box
  67. Graffiti or tagging on playstructure
  68. Graffiti on wall of community centre
  69. graffiti on electric box
  70. Like NCC property??
  71. overflowing garbage can (again)
  72. grafitti on cement water structure
  73. Graffiti on green hydro box
  74. Graffiti on bus shelter
  75. Abdominal crunch machine broken
  76. overflowing garbage can
  77. overflowing garbage can
  78. Graffiti on non-permenant sign
  79. Graffiti on private fence
  80. Graffiti on private fence
  81. Scratches on bus shelter
  82. Graffiti on back of stop sign
  83. Graffiti on green hydro box
  84. Graffiti on green ?hydro box
  85. Graffiti
  86. Graffiti
  87. Graffiti

Note: relies on users to report problems as fixed.

Councillor: Tim Tierney
Ward: Beacon Hill-Cyrville