road problems

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Filed by:William Feaver
On:Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

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I live at the end of Beaver street straight accross on Duke st as you can see in the picture in summerside. Duke was paved on the west side of Beaver and central is not to bad on the east side considering thier is a school and busses all the time.
Beaver street is damaged and it is like you are driving off road it is bumpy and the craks in the road are getting worse thier are some potholes and the curb is almost gone sunk into the ground. This is also causing problems to vechiels on the road with tires and other parts that can be damaged do to this factor.
The road needs to be fixed it is a high traffic area with busses and cars all day long beacause of the access to the school and other parts of town.
Thier has also been alot of electrical work and trucks working thier all year with the new poles gone up for the windmills it seems each day thier is at least 1 or 2 blocking the road.
This street needs an overhaul asap

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Councillor: Jim Steele
Ward: Clifton - Market