Cars spped on street with no sidewalks, heavy pedestian use, and trees obstructing safe walking

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Category:Branches Blocking Signs or Intersection
Location:1478-1482 Portal St
Filed by:Carol Villeneuve
On:Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

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1. City owned trees at the south-west corner of Cavendish and Portal hang too low, forcing pedestrians in toward the middle of the road.
2. Cars coming from Pleasant Park toward Alta Vista speed-up once getting through the stop sign at Rachel. There is a bend in the road and a merge with Cunningham which creates a tricky situation when pedestrians and cars all need to get through safely. There are no sidewalks. The road bends which means drivers don't have a long view and trees hang so pedestrians are forced into the road.

Suggesed remedy:
1. Trim the trees so that do not hang low into the pedestrian area of the road.
2. Add a stop sign at Portal or speed bumps between Portal and Cunningham to slow down cars.

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This problem has been fixed.
Councillor: Peter Hume
Ward: Alta Vista